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Canopy of Trees

Urban Forestry Commission

Created pursuant to Chapter 2.52 of the Municipal Code, the Commission is established as a permanent committee of the Park and Recreation Board. The Commission makes recommendations to the City Forester and Parks & Recreation Board concerning the care of city trees and shrubs planted in the right-of-way of all streets or highways or in any park or other public areas of the city. 

The Commission consists of five citizen members, each serving three-year terms, staggered annually. One member of the Plan and Architectural Review Commission and one member of the Park and Recreation Board shall be appointed to the Urban Forestry Commission. In addition, the City Forester or his/her designee shall serve as the nonvoting staff liaison to the Whitewater Urban Forestry Commission.

Committee Members

Parks & Recreation Board Representative

PARC Representative
Sherry Stanek (2024)

Citizen Member
Nicholas Alt (2026)

Bill Chandler (2024)

Patrick Taylor (2025)

Rose Mary Leaver (2024) 


 Alternate- Citizen Member
Ryan Tevis (2024) 

The Arboretum at Starin Park

The Whitewater Urban Forestry Commission (UFC) is a permanent subcommittee of the Whitewater Parks and Recreation Department. The UFC is tasked with educating the public about the importance of our urban forest.

The Urban Forestry Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the city council on all issues relating to trees and shrubs located within street right-of-ways, parks, and other public places in the city, and to any other matter involving trees and shrubs that affect or may affect public areas.

The UFC is also charged with developing and managing the Arboretum At Starin Park.

Arboretum at Starin Park Map
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