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About the Lakes

Cravath and Trippe Lake are located along the south side of the City of Whitewater. The Whitewater Creek feeds Trippe Lake. Cravath Lake is fed by both the Spring Brook and Trippe Lake. Cravath Lake outflows to the Whitewater Creek, to the Bark River, and then to the Rock River. 

History of the Lakes

The City of Whitewater was named for the soft, white clay that lined the Whitewater Creek and Spring Brook. In 1837, the first settler, Samuel Price, built a cabin, gristmill, sawmill, and paper mill. Soon more stores came to this agricultural area. Twenty years later, the Train Station was built. More business came to town and Whitewater became an industrial town. In 1885, the Village of Whitewater became a City. 

Cravath Lake was created in the mid-1850s to power a gristmill along Whitewater Creek. Trippe Lake was recreated in the mid-1860s to power a paper mill. Over the years, dams were built to regulate the water flow and levels. 


The lakes brought agriculture and industry to Whitewater, which eventually led to the creation of the City of Whitewater. Today, the lakes provide recreation, nature, and beauty in our community. 


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